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Prototype Stage
The world's smallest, longest range, longest battery life global (GPS) locator for kids, pets, bikes, drones, luggage or anything important that moves.

Meet Ping

The World's Smallest Personal GPS Locator To Find Anything Important Anywhere In The World



Ping At A Glance


What's different about Ping?

Other GPS Trackers
Max 72 Hour Battery Life
Average $120 Year Data Plan

Bluetooth Only Trackers
Non-Rechargeable Battery
35 Foot Range

Up to 3 Month Rechargeable Battery
1 Year Data Plan Included
Bluetooth & GPS for Local and Global Range

Bluetooth trackers, like Tile and TrackR, are great for finding things that fall behind cushions or car seats. GPS trackers already exist but they are large, have expensive data plans & need to be recharged every few days. We need a simpler solution to instantly locate anything important.


Low battery notifications remind you to recharge. 
No expensive replacements or batteries. 

Ping uses True GPS and doesn't need to be within 35ft of your phone to work.